Why Juste Estre: Just Be?

Juste Etre: Just Be Mantra way of living. to live in the moment. To Just Be…


Many people across the globe have experienced something horrible in their lives that made them fragile like glass. From rape to molestation, to a loss of a parent, loved one or even a relationship. From abuse to domestic violence. Something in their lives destroyed them, their egos, their hearts, their smile.


I too have sadly gone through ALL of the experiences I mention above and was so Fragile that my friends, colleagues and significant other in my life always felt like they had to be so careful around because they thought I would break. The truth is, I thought I would too.

Mindfulness is the basic human inheritance and capability. IT is not owned by any one group, religion or philosophy. That’;s what I love about it. I have been searching for the right church or the right message and all along it was right there in front of me. 

Through a series of Life Journeys I have come to an Epiphany of Mindfulness.

I have learned that to have the greatest Inner peace…we have to Juste Etre: Just Be …a way of living. to live in the moment.

To Just Be

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