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Design a Life You DesireDesign the Life You Desire

Tired of watching others have the life you desire?

Are you ready to let go of the past that has kept you from moving on?

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1363748709418235733phoenix2 The Phoenix Revolution (Coming Soon)

Choosing to be a Phoenix is not an easy decision. choosing this path will change your life, in more ways than one.

The Phoenix is a mythical bird with the ability to recreate itself. When it saw its end drawing near, it would destroy itself in a fire created from the nest it had created only to rise again reborn from the ashes. To be able to destroy itself and rise from its own ashes, all the Phoenix needed to do was to be true to itself and its own nature. In essence, the approach is to start with the end in mind. It is to start with the premise we each have the ability to totally destroy ourselves and rise reborn from the ashes.

The only question is, “What is it YOU wish to create?”


63724_ostrich_lgStop Being an Ostrich! Be an Overcomer Instead! (Coming Soon)

Title needs some work there if you have any suggestions

An Eight Week Session on How to Stop Being an Ostrich with your head in the sand and learn how to Be an Overcomer Instead! Deal with past issues, victim-hood, etc and overcome your fears of failure, not good enough, and let’s have an I Can’t Funeral! Hear Trisha Trixie’s story of her past and how she overcame those obstacles and manifested miracles to turn her life from Frailty to Fabulousness, from Mayhem to Mindfulness.

1940's lady2A Quirky Girl’s Guide to Being Fabulous (Coming Soon)

Tips and Tricks from the Original Quirky Girl on How to Be Fabulous Dahling, Simply Fabulous!!

(Taken from Fragile to Fabulous Course Circa 2012 if you took that course before)



Life in a Retro State of Mind  (Coming Soon) 

Tips, Tricks and Tidbits for what it means to live a Retro Way of Life




miss jackie

How to Be a PinUp Model  (Click Image to find out how)

Tips and Tricks for How to Be a PinUp Model