What Does it Mean to Just Be?

Juste Etre is French for Just Be. You may be asking yourself however…

What does it really mean to Just Be?

It means to be Mindful. I could go into a whole series of Mindfulness, but that’s for another time. Start with what mindful means to YOU and that will be a good base for learning and knowing how to Just Be.

It means to Be Aware. Look around you. Be aware of your surroundings. Take heed. Take notice of things. Take stock of life.

It means to Be Present. Be in the Here and Now. Don’t keep worrying about tomorrow or the next task or next person you have to see. It means being present with those you are present with.

It means be creative. I know, I already hear you “but I am not a creative person.”  You don’t have to be an artist. I am not talking about drawing or painting a Monet or sculpting a Michelangelo David.  I am talking about learning, living and doing things to allow the right brain to come loose from the left brain and be free. Color, use a crayon for writing notes, or markers,  sketch an idea instead of write it. Think or look up ways to be creative. Find what works for you, but find something. Knit, crochet, draw, whatever.

It means allowing yourself to play. Yes, I said play. Remember when we were all in grade school and we couldn’t wait for recess? What was that thing you always ran to on the playground? Mine was swings. I love to swing. It relaxes me and helps me to re-center myself and my brain and my life to the simpler times.

It means learning to stop and smell the roses. Meditate. I often hear, “I can’t meditate, my mind is too busy.” Well, I’ve got some news for you….you are the one who needs it most. Often people think meditating means just sitting still and thinking nothing. Eventually, you will get there. If you desire to. If you practice. But you don’t start there.  Some start doing 1 Minute Meditations. Some do 3 minute mediations. Some do long meditations. Again, do what works for you. I struggle with quiet mediation. I like to listen to guided meditations. Lead my mind on a journey somewhere. Let your mind wander from the thoughts of that project that needs to be done or the laundry that needs washing.  Also, there are other mediation resources like listening to a book on peace or an author whose voice soothes you. I like to listen to Elizabeth Gilberts Eat, Pray, Love audio. I can imagine what she is talking about and let my mind focus there.

It means focusing on your breath. Breathing is a great grounding and centering way to connect and to just be. Even if you have to go to a stall of a bathroom or close door room, go find a spot and sit and then focus on your breathing. How do you inhale? In your chest or your belly? Try to breathe down into your diaphragm. Once you have that mastered, do it again. Then exhale. If you have to, hold your tummy so you feel it. This will help lower back pain and other issues when you strengthen your core and a simple task like breathing can do that for you. I like to count my breaths up to ten. If I have more time, I do twenty.

It means Letting Go. Let go and let God my mother used to say.  Let go of the past. Let go and give it to your higher power, the universe, or the sky. Just let it go. Tell yourself  “This no longer serves me. I am ready to let go of this hurt, anguish, heartaches, or story” Once you can truly let go, you can truly Just Be.

Just Be-ing is being at one, with yourself, your whole you, being mindful in all things. Being at peace. Just Be.