Transformational ‘Chores’

Transformational ‘Chores’

For many of us, housework takes up quite a good portion of our lives. Instead of thinking of it as just a chore – something to get through, the task can become a mindfulness practice.

The next time you have to prepare dinner or do the laundry, focus all of your awareness on the task at hand, in the present moment. Aim to be fully engaged in what you are doing as appose to caught up in mind chatter or just rushing to the end of your task.

If doing the laundry for instance, as you fold the clothes, notice the feel and textures of the fabrics and how fresh they smell. Pay attention to the patterns and colours and the way they are affected by the light of the room. Make folding into a sort of yoga practice and move with mindfulness, attentive to each fold.
In this way, every little act becomes a sacred ritual. It keeps you in tune with the moment, with yourself, your space and even the world around you—all functioning in harmony.

You may then come to realize that is no such thing as a mundane moment, only mundane states of mind.

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