Just “Doing” to Just “Being”


Just “Doing” to Just “Being”

Are you finding yourself caught in the rut of Just “Doing”?

Do you look at the End of your day and say “Where did all the time go?”

Perhaps you need to take time away from the “doing” and start “being”.

Take a regular routine that you find yourself “just doing” without really noticing your actions. For example, when cleaning your house, pay attention to every detail of the activity. Start Just Being in the moment and experience it rather than fly through it.

Rather than treat this as a regular chore, create an entirely new experience by noticing every aspect of your actions.

Feel and become the motion of sweeping the floor, notice the muscles you use when scrubbing the dishes, observe the formation of dirt on the windows and see if you can create a more efficient way of removing it. Love every part of your body and acknowledge each part when showering.

Be creative and find new experiences within this familiar routine.

Don’t labor through thinking about the finish line, become aware of every step and enjoy each step of progress.

Enjoy the moment.

Take time for you.

Take time with your kids. In fact, make a game of it. Pick one of their favorite games or things to do and have them play the being or awareness  game. Instead of just doing it, help them to notice more about what they are doing. Thoughts, feelings, the way it feels, smells, if food , tastes. You can do this game, when they are eating, playing, or sitting in the car. Think of it like, I Spy, for life.

Take the activity beyond a routine by merging with it physically, mentally and spiritually.

The more you stop doing, and the more you start being, the more you will start noticing the world around you, you will be more aware of each moment, and at the end of the day you will consciously be able to answer…

“What did I do today?”

and change your outcome to..

“What a great day it was today!”

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