Infinite Love: Guest Blogger Dena Meir



“Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion” – David Icke

Have you thought about what that means, and what a life based on this is like?  OK, having been there, lived that for a time of many years – shared love with a true love and my friends, I would say in principle its simple. In living it, it requires growth into that which usually is not there. Very simply, is one there because they are love in essence (the truth of reality), and because this love that flows, flows through them to literally everywhere, and thus they are not “needing” or “requiring” or “demanding” of love, because they are love’s essence?

Love is a way, a path, a journey. Love is infinite. Unbounded. Just is.

The advice: Just be – really is what love is. Living infinite love is when you share you – sharing love which is you – and that is what it is, and you have the confidence and self-love to know that no matter what happens as a result of sharing love, you are just love, peace, and joy – no matter what may come of it!

The part that seems a challenge to many is the letting go. Of fear. Of demands. Of that you might lose something valuable. Nothing in reality except the infinite love that is can be assured. Nothing. So one might as well go about just being love. And rejoicing when joyful, peaceful, loving things happen, and rejoicing when others have joy, peace, love.

We should not be fearful of other’s actions or decisions, to be or not to be in our lives. That is their free will choice. Rather, if you desire love, be love. If you desire peace, be peace. If you desire light, be light.

The actual infinite love seems a difficult thing for some to understand correctly. Love just is. Just be. So I who am the actual love that is says: “I Love you!”

Dena Meir


If you would like to contact Dena she can be reached at

Join me in thanking Dena for this wonderful and inspirational post!

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