Personal Responsiblity

Dr. Len states that everything in our lives is our responsibility and that the world is our creation. Though this may seem a bit difficult to swallow, think about it for a minute. Don’t each one of us have some influence on what happens around us? Doesn’t our individual perception of what is happening in the world around us in some way determine our experience of the world?

Remember that if you are willing to consider taking responsibility for everything that happens, this includes not only all of the disturbing things happening in the world, but also all of the amazingly inspiring and profound things happening everywhere. Consider what it might be like to take responsibility for all of this together.

We invite you to spend some time pondering this one. What if simply changing our deepest held beliefs and perceptions about ourselves and our world literally changes the world? Let it be so, and let it begin with me! 

Consider in your life who you are blaming or holding in judgment. Draw up a list of anyone who falls in this category. For some people, the heaviest blame and judgment goes towards themselves. If you fall into this category, make a list of aspects of yourself towards which you harbor these feelings.

Take some time to let the wisdom of this lesson integrate into your being in whatever way is most empowering for you. Taking personal responsibility without the need for blame is a key to integrating everything presented in the Inspiration Course.

via Personal Responsibility.


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