Chasing Down Order & Eating Elephants

Since we got back from the wedding and honeymoon, I feel like I have been chasing down order. I am in an avid process of attempting to keep up with the dishes, the housework, the businesses, etc…as well as attempting something new in the middle of all this adjusting. Now we had LAbor Day weekend and there is even MORE to do! Mercury is soon going to be in retrograde again and I feel an even MORE madcap rush to get things ready and still before then.

Then this morning, I had an epiphany about this sort of thing.

Order can be the way you look at it.


Walk into a teenagers room and try to pick up. They will freak on you like 0- 60! They hollar,

“Don’t move anything I know exactly where it is!”

We look at this room like a chaotic disaster.

What is order to you may not be an order to another.

So I looked around and saw a house of dishes, cat hair floating round, a desk busy with magazines and a life of many things to do and I closed my eyes and I said and did one thing…

Just Breathe…and Just Be

Take in a DEEP breath. Close Your Eyes. Then slowly Exhale letting it all go.

Um, like yeah girl, listen to your own advice. I had to laugh at myself.

Now, I looked around again and I felt at peace.

Order, now looked different to me. The house was NOT mini chaos. I saw things differently.

I saw mini projects, like Agile Methodology,m whereas I can complete each task in a fashion that will work for me.

Ever heard that phrase

How do you Eat an Elephant?

The answer: One Bite at a Time.

So today, I am going to look at things differently today. I am going to shift my body, change my view and look at things through a different eye.

I am seeing things now in a way that allows me the freedom and understanding that BOTH can exist and BOTH can be fabulous. BOTH are wonderful.. BOTH are special. BOTH are great. One is not better than the other.

I love this image because it shows how beauty can be in BOTH things.

Do yourself a favor, today and any day you might be feeling overwhelmed. Like there is TOO much to do. Like you feel frustrated even starting one step…

ReDefine your situation.

Get a new Perspective.


Get a new Understanding.

Love Order AND CHAOS!!

Then Go with the Flow.

You are only one person and can only do so many things. Even though I am teased I am the energizer bunny, I still am human and only capable of so much  myself, you know? Give yourself a moment.

Then Just Be.

Just Be in the moment, and then Just Be about your day. Eat your elephant one bite at a time. Then at the end of the day, be proud of what you have done, where you are, what you have seen or noticed, and how wonderful today was fun by looking at it differently and loving it instead of bashing it.

juste etre: just be



juste etre just be


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